Part 3. So much blood

I opened my eyes, when had I close them? Still cold. He was next to me, bare-chested against my back. I felt his heart beating and his chest heaving. His arms were wrapped around me and his feet were against mine.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked him.

‘Keeping you warm even though this room is warmer than a dragon’s lair right now.’

‘Why am I still cold?’

‘It will pass. Give it some time.’

‘Why are you in bed with me?’ He sighed with a chuckle. ‘I remember you,’ I said, ‘I remember you so well. What are you doing here?’

‘What is here?’

‘I…I am not certain.’ I thought about it for a moment. I still knew who I was but…‘Where are we?’


‘Shelter? I didn’t know you had one.’

‘I don’t.’

I did not know what to say to that.

‘You can’t remember how you ended up here?’

‘I…I assume I lost my way?’

‘Is there anything you remember?’

The pain. The one that had done this to me. How could I forget? How will I ever forget? The creature. A temple…no…a castle? Blood, fire, so many confusing rooms but he…the wolf, the giant wolf, my…

His arms tightened around me and my back felt warmer. The pain was still keeping me company but it was easier to tolerate it without the bitter cold.

‘Don’t worry about it,’ he said, ‘let it go and try to sleep.’

He caressed my hair then kissed my forehead. It was so warm and tender and…absolutely impossible. It could not have been him. After all, it was I who had found him and it was I who had had to bury him, that was something I could never forget.

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