Part 1. So much blood

Short, painful moments were all I could remember when he saved me. I was holding tight to his fur hoping I would not fall somewhere in the deep snow.

It was cold, so cold and every part of my body hurt. He was panting from his hasted pace.

Trees surrounded us, the snow making it all seem less dark. We climbed up hills, descended fast and climbed again, my body trying to keep up with the impact each time. Every now and then, I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of branches, falling snow almost blinding me.

He stopped.

I let go of his fur and fell, my body hitting the cold ground. My hands rested on a thin layer of snow. I dug in the snow and felt freezing cobblestones. We reached a civilized habitat. This had been his plan all along. He wanted to find humans who could help me.

I heard nothing but the eerie winter wind and my own throbbing heart. I felt nothing but excruciating pain.

He howled, my ears not entirely bearing it. My body shook as he jumped up and down running in circles, still howling. Keeping my eyes open was my challenge. Once shut I was afraid they might not open again.

Perhaps he was wrong. There were no humans here. Yet, he insisted on howling. He was risking his life. If the humans spotted him, who knew what they might have done to him?

‘There!’ I heard a voice from a fair distance.

‘Where?’ I heard another.


‘Stop!’ shouted a third.

He stopped howling.

‘It’s a…!’

I knew he was still at my side. I wanted to shout to him ‘Go!’ I wanted to scream to them ‘Don’t hurt him!’ but I could not. There was no more power left in me other than to lie there in the snow and bleed.

His giant paws thundered against the cobblestones as he retreated. I was relieved yet, all I wanted was for him to stay at my side. I did not want to lose him again.

The humans surrounded me. They grabbed my arms. My skin burned but I could not tell them to stop. They lifted me up as warm liquid filled my mouth, dripping down. I watched the ground as I was floating, observed the trail of blood I was leaving behind.

So much blood.

I had lost too much blood.

It became darker. They talked to me or to each other, I could not understand what they were saying…I could not…my ears…I could no longer…

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