They can’t hear

We all have our demons. Sooner or later we connect with our twisted and complicated minds and embrace the darkness  within.

I don’t speak though I can. I sit silent sometimes though all I want is to scream until my throat hurts. I want to explain to others what I feel, what I am going through. They listen but they can’t understand…I talk but I can’t reach out to them, make them see, make them feel what I feel. I quit and then I catch myself doing it again when I meet a new person, hoping this one will understand.

When you’re sitting with a person in one room, do you ever feel that you’re actually in two different rooms? That there is a wall between the two of you? That you’re screaming at each other but can’t hear a thing?


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It is amazing what sleepless nights, haunted locations, full moons, blood chilling nightmare and a terrifying mind can put together. Niguanta is the world of all the fantasy, dark or innocent, horror and mystery stories that I've created so far. Enter her world and let it consume you as it has consumed me.

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