Pages of magic

I’ve always believed in the uncommon. Why bother live at all if you don’t believe there is more to life than this? I know I couldn’t.

I believe in so much more that I fear I have very little time to discover it all. Think of all the places, cultures and traditions I am yet to unveil, all the books I am yet to read. It terrifies me though I know I have all the time in the world for life is short only for those who sit around and worry. I prefer investing my time in something meaningful, for example share my experience with you. Whether you’ll use it or not that is truly up to you. But, will you trust me? Will you believe my stories? They are so incredible and most of them quite hard to imagine. If I hadn’t been through them, I would have not believed them myself.

Use my experience in your advantage. If you’re smart enough you might begin to see this life the way I see it, filled with wonders and mysteries.

Who am I? Oh, never mind that! Call me an old soul. Just a very old soul who has seen too much or…perhaps has not seen enough. I must chuckle at my last remark. If you knew me, you’d understand why.

Oh, so many pages to fill in with my writing, my life, my experiences, where to begin, how to begin? I’ve always found it dull to begin with the beginning, where I was born, who my parents were and so on. Rather boring wouldn’t you say? After all it is not so much who my parents were and who I am, it’s more about what I did, what I saw and what I’ve learned. And more important, what will you learn from all of it. That’s what truly matters.

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