Wolf City – Chapter 5

The night approached fast. Perry realized that the people of Linx were in danger because of him. Even if the streets were going to be guarded at night, it did not mean that people were safe. Perry himself had to make sure that the people will not be harmed. And there was only one way to do it. He nailed his balcony door shut. He always wondered why the law didn’t force people to keep their windows and doors shut at night. It would have been much easier to control. As a werewolf he could climb balconies and enter windows. But, he has never done so except climb his own balcony so perhaps the council knew this.

He broke two bottles and spread the broken glass around the windows, balcony door and main entrance. He was hoping that should he unconsciously turn he would hurt his paws and would be forced to stay home. But that was not enough. He had to take another precaution. And, he had to make sure he wouldn’t wake up during the night either.

He took a few sleeping pills to make sure he would sleep throughout the night. Before he knew it, he fell into a deep sleep.

Was he dreaming or was it real? It must have been a dream. All he could do is observe. It was a lonely, quiet night with a full moon. A rat caught his attention. He looked at the little creature and decided to chase it. Where was it going and why wasn’t it afraid of him? What a little rodent and what a long tail it had. He was hungry all right, but not hungry enough to eat such a meaningless little creature. He was going to find himself a nice deer to sink his teeth into. Hey, the rat disappeared.

‘Help! Help! Heee…’ he heard the screaming of human. Let’s see where that comes from. He quickly ran on his four legs to the place where the voice was coming from. It was pitch dark. He heard a growling. It was so horrid and gruesome that he did not want to approach. It was peculiar, twisted. He should better stay away. He was still hungry after all. Better to go in the woods and do something useful.

Later on he came back. His belly was full but he hadn’t satisfied his curiosity. Let’s check again what was that weird noise. He walked up to the square and found a massacre. There was a man there, completely torn apart. Was he still breathing? Let’s check. Oh, no. Not really. His wolf nose was now dirty stained with blood. He shook his head but the smell was still there. He looked down and realized his paws were in a pool of blood, his dark fur drenched in blood.

Perry opened his eyes. Was it a dream or a memory of last night? He jumped up. It was already morning. He slept throughout the entire night. The windows and doors were still shut and the broken glass was untouched. But, moreover, his dream. It was a memory. He was sure of it. He was not the criminal after all but…though this was a relief, the question now rose, who was? Was there another werewolf in the city and was that the one who was putting everyone in danger? He was happy not being the criminal but now it meant that the real bloodthirsty killer was loose, terrorizing the city still. He quickly reached for his mobile phone to call Rita. Three missed calls. All from Rita. Ah, that was true, he had promised to call her.

‘Rita?’ he shouted when he heard her voice. ‘I don’t think i did it. But, now, I do believe the city, including you and I are even in a greater danger!’

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