Wolf City – Chapter 4

It was curiously empty in the popular cafe close the the city hall. Normally it was buzzing with people at this time of the day. Now it seemed people were even afraid to go out and have lunch.

Perry took a sip from his black coffee while pouring his heart out to the woman sitting in front of him.

´I’m just as shocked as you are, Per. I couldn’t believe it when you called me this morning and frankly, I still can’t.´ Rita was a beautiful woman, around 25 years. Her dark, smooth skin and curly hazelnut hair created an amazing contrast in comparison to her big green eyes and full red lips. She was anxiously looking at Perry. She knew him all her life. Her parents were good friends with his. She knew his secrets and inner battles which he always had to go through due to his nature. But now, it was more than a personal issue. A brutal murder had taken place. A murder of which she didn’t think Perry was capable of.

The TV above the counter was on. As soon as the mayor appeared on the news, the bartender turned the volume on. The mayor, a tall, thin man with white short hair and a long thin face was facing the crowd. Next to him stood chief Morgan , Perry’s bitter boss.

‘We haven’t seen this for 30 years,’ that’s how the mayor’s speech started. ‘Some of you  believe are still not aware of how serious the situation is. For us it’s still inexplicable why our beloved Dan decided to leave his house last night. It’s against the law to roam the streets at night. He, as any member of the city hall, knew more than anyone else, that he too had to respect the law no matter what. His faith was inevitable. Just as it is inevitable now to introduce new, stricter rules.

Starting of today we will be guarding the streets to make sure no people take chances anymore at night. After all, this is why you chose me as your mayor and this is why you pay your yearly taxes, so that I can protect you and do all that is in my power to stop you from falling into the claws of the werewolves. You, as honorable citizens, need to abide the law and be conscious of the consequences. We knew Dan as a hard working…’

The story continued but Perry rushed out of the cafe. Rita followed him.

He couldn’t catch a breath and felt as if he was about to throw up any minute now.

‘You need to go home!’ said Rita over-worried. ‘Just tell them you’re sick. Go home, Perry! Just do it! I will call you later to check on you.’

He decided it was the best thing to do. Perry took Rita’s advice, called in sick though his boss didn’t react very well to that, and headed home. But, on his way to his apartment something caught his attention. He caught a peculiar scent. His wolf instincts took over no matter how hard he tried to oppress them. He couldn’t leave it at that.

He followed the trail of the unbearable scent. It led to a waste container in a dark, abandoned alley. The container was filthy, stained, the smell of rotten fruit was strongly present but that was not what Perry smelled. He knelt and looked under the container. Something shinny was there, the scent that was bothering him was clearly coming from that. He took a plastic bag out of his pocket and reached for the shinny object. It was metal, stuck between the street tiles. He carefully pulled it out and held it in the light to analyze it better. Surely this was where the scent was coming from. The piece of metal was smudged in blood. He wrapped it up in the plastic bag and took it with him.

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