Wolf City – Chapter 3

Dan Spence. The ideal civil servant. He worked with precaution, was always on time, precise and rigorously followed the law and order.  He was married, no children. Not that he would have had any time for them. He barely saw his wife. She was happy when he was home and did not have his laptop on.  Now she wished he was home, laptop or not. Anything was better than his tragic death.

Perry listened to the sobbing and cries of the fresh widow as he sat on her sofa. He drank carefully from the cup of coffee he held in his hands and did his best not to snap and apologize to the woman for all the pain he had caused. The woman sat in her morning bathrobe with a tear soaked tissue in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand. She had red eyes and a little red wet nose. Her lips moved slowly as she whispered, the news seeming to have taken her voice away.

‘I only realized he was gone when it was morning. I don’t understand. It’s against the law. Why would he do something like this knowing he would put his life at risk? Dan always followed the law.’

What else could Perry ask her? Why would he fish for answers when he already knew who the criminal was? He noticed a laptop on the table and a mug next to it. The reason why that man was not there was…it was because of him. It was because of his criminal instinct.

Perry ended the conversation, thanked the woman and hid his wet brown eyes by going outside as quickly as possible.

He stood on their perfectly decorated lawn and wanted to scream out of anger and frustration. He didn’t understand it either. How could he? He was always able to control himself. But obviously something went wrong last night. He was a werewolf and there was nothing he could do about it. His father was and his grandfather too so it was in their DNA.

Maybe it was his family the reason why the city of Linx introduced an unusual law a long time ago banning the citizens of Linx from going out in the streets at night. Those were the precautions taken against werewolves as many crimes took place yet no one was able to catch the criminal. Because the city could not find the killers, they decided to protect themselves from them. A cowardly law perhaps but there was no other way and it had worked for years. Perry of course did go outside at night but he always roamed the forests nearby. There he could satisfy his hunger and hunting urges by chasing deer. Never has he killed another human being even if sometimes his werewolf side ached for human flesh. He was always able to suppress his hunger.  Up until now, obviously.

He had to leave the widow’s house. It was killing him with guilt and regret. And he couldn’t even apologize for what he had done. He could but…if he did…He had to talk to someone and there was only one person who could help him.

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