Wolf City – Chapter 2

Police officers and authorities were gathered at the square before the city hall. They walked around the corpse that was discovered by a citizen an hour ago and were shocked by the way the victim died. He was surely murdered, the criminal known to everyone.

‘Where the hell is Perry? I called him a few times and he’s not answering his phone!’ shouted Chief Morgan as he looked at the city hall clock.

‘I don’t know chief,’ answered a police officer. ‘It’s not like him to be late.’

‘I’m here!’ shouted the 27 year old man while he came running towards his boss.

‘You live two streets from here. I do expect you to come quicker when I call you for a murder scene!’

‘Sorry, chief, I had some problems this morning.’

Chief Morgan looked a bit suspicious at Perry. What problems could the young man possibly have? He was good looking, he lived alone, he had no responsibilities, no family, no children, no mouths to feed, no wife to argue with. What problems?

Perry noticed his boss was analyzing him. He decided to quickly get to work and say nothing more. He’s always been like an open book and what had happened this morning had to stay hidden. No one had to suspect anything, especially his own boss, the chief of the Linx police station!

Perry walked up to his team. They were around the corpse analyzing and taking pictures of it.

‘Ah, Perry’, said a short man who was taking a sample from the victim’s neck. ‘It’s ridiculous that people still insist on walking in the streets at that time of the night. Like you wouldn’t know what could happen!’ He snorted.

Perry stared at the victim. It was a man torn in pieces. His arms barely attached to the torso, the hands chewed up and the skin of the upper arms torn off the bone. The stomach was torn open and the intestines hung out. Both legs were lying a few meters further away, broken and chewed on. The face of the man was hard to identify. It was as if someone had taken a big bite out of the face. The eyes, lips and nose were missing and the whole face was an impressive, blooded pile of meat.

Perry kept on staring. He was feeling sick to his stomach. Yes, he was a detective but this crime was different. Why? This morning when he woke up, Perry had his hands and clothes stained with this man’s blood.

‘What do you think, Perry?’ asked the short man. He found detective Perry acting a bit strange this Friday morning.

‘Well, Tim, yeah….the criminal is…’

‘We all know who the criminal is. But, yeah, what are the chances we’ll catch him, right? This is bad, Perry. I haven’t seen this in years but I knew it would eventually happen.’

‘Do we know who the victim is?’ asked Perry trying to keep his voice steady.

‘We found his ID. This is gonna sting. He was working at the city hall. He was close to the mayor too. Look around!’

Perry saw that the reporters were all over the place impatiently waiting to get their story. The story of the year this was going to be.

‘They can’t wait to tear us into pieces…well figuratively speaking in this case,’ added Tim.

Perry wrote down the victim’s information and left the crime scene quickly under the pretense that he wanted to inform the victim’s family as quickly as possible and ask them a few questions.

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