Wolf City – Chapter 1

It was a cold and bitter December night in the big city of Linx. The horrid, humid winter wind blew through the streets while a layer of frost covered  the ground. It was dark, quiet and deserted: the Linx seemed to have no inhabitants. No people on the streets, no sounds, no whispers. A cat walked slowly in an alley. Some street light flickered in the distance slowly fading away. But in general, all quiet as the grave.

The silence broke. A man was screaming. He was in pain, his voice filled with fear and desperation. His words could barely be understood.

‘Help! Help me! He…’

His last word was interrupted. It seemed he was drowning. Or perhaps it was his own blood running through his mouth, choking him slowly?

One second of silence and then the growling of a dog. Or was it something else, something bigger…After that, grave silence.

It stayed quiet until dusk. The day started around five o’clock with the first people making their appearance in the streets of Linx. They all hurried to their cars. The first layers of frost were removed from windshields, while the engines were running, the raising steam trying to bring some warmth to the bitter cold.

It grew crowded with the minute and around six thirty the city came to life pressured by traffic jams, people invading the green parks walking to their jobs, high buildings and apartments lit and filled with noise.

In one of the apartment buildings the day started slower. One young man was not yet ready to start the day. He was sitting in a corner of his white kitchen and talking on his mobile.

‘I swear, I think I did it this time. Now it really got out of control!’

A soft voice on the other side of the line was trying to calm him down. He was shacking from fear while he was looking at his hands and clothes. They were stained with blood.

His lightly brown skin seemed now pale and his black hair was a mess.

After he hung up he threw away his blood stained clothes in a plastic bag and took a shower. He was already late for work. Of course, he had been in shock for over an hour but luckily after the phone call he was able to regain his strength.

He put on a black shirt, black blazer and black pants, drank quickly a cup of coffee then rushed to his work.

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