Wings – Chapter 5

She hurried towards him and without hesitation took the bricks off of him. His head was blooded. His arms and legs too. But he wasn’t dead. She noticed he was still breathing. Barely breathing, but he was alive.

He needed help. The paramedics needed to save him! She had seen many ambulances in front of the building but they were not going to come in. He was going to die if he didn’t receive any help quickly. He was going to die!

‘No, no he isn’t!’ she thought. ‘I must help him.’

She lifted the man up with minimal effort. But how was she going to take him out of the building? There was fire everywhere and bricks falling down. He would die by the time they get out.

She needed a shield.

She knew what she had to do.

‘I don’t want to do this. I will expose myself and they might find me! But I can’t let this man die!’ she said to herself.

She sighed and still holding the man, decided to transform.

Her body grew, one, twice, nine times her normal size. Her face expanded and her head grew horns. Her body became muscled and her feet changed into hooves. Her back grew wings that expanded five meters to each side. She covered the wounded fireman with her wings and ran.

The wings protected the man from any falling rocks and any fire they encountered.

She ran until she hit a thick wall. It was the side wall of the building. She broke through it and spread her wings before they could fall.

In all that chaos, they did not see her. She put the wounded man close to an ambulance and retreated but she kept watching. His life became her responsibility somehow.

The paramedics quickly spotted the fireman. They did not wonder how he had ended up there. They quickly came to his rescue and the fireman was soon taken by the ambulance to the nearest hospital. But he was not alone. The girl was following them from within the darkness. She flew from one building to the other her eyes on the ambulance. She did not care about being seen, she just wanted to see the fireman saved and well.

They reached the hospital. She saw them take the fireman inside but she could no longer follow what happened next. Unless she went inside, there was no way of knowing if the fireman was going to be well or not. But going inside would be a high risk she was not willing to take.

It was three o’clock in the morning. The girl, sad and worried, was roaming the streets. They never looked for her in this part of the city. There were only poor houses and sad people in this area. But the poor people in this area were more polite to her than the people in the richer areas. Poor people always greeted her or smiled sometimes while rich people would call her names or even push her out of their way because they were always so very busy with their own small lives. It had nothing to do with money, she thought, it was just the way people were raised. But why were most of them raised that way?

A man passed her by. He was wearing a coat that reminded her of the fireman. Had he survived?

Or perhaps he was dead already? That thought made her shiver. Why was she so worried about him? Was it his face? She hadn’t seen it clearly, he was still wearing his mask. Was it because it was the first time she ever saved a human being? Perhaps that was it. She felt responsible for him. Of course during her captivity the doctors forced her into all kinds of tests including rescuing animals to see her level of affection but this was different. This was real.

The hospital was restless. There had been a few deaths and many severely wounded due to the office building that had caught fire.

The hospital building was buzzing with doctors, nurses, family and friends of the victims, police trying to find out the reason behind the fire. And so, no one paid attention to the shadow flying around the hospital, going around in circles trying to find the man she had rescued.

She looked through every window, searched and examined each patient she spotted.  Some of them she didn’t want to see as they seemed about to die. It was cruel to see so much pain and so much suffering. Though, one of the patients, an old woman, was just sitting in her bed peacefully. She was reading a book and she was smiling though her leg was lifted up and put in a cast.

People in hospitals were so much different than the people she saw on the streets. People here were every emotional. They either cried or laughed a lot but it all seemed very genuine. On the other hand, what did she know about human emotions? The things they taught her in captivity were not real. Not as real as the world outside.

She stopped.

He was there in one of the rooms. He was sleeping or so it appeared. Or was he in pain? His face was bruised and he was connected to all kinds of machines. She was sure it was him. There was a fireman mask on a chair, half burned and broken. She hoped his face was all right. She was going to stay there, climbed over his balcony and watch over him until he wakes up. No way was she going to leave before making sure he was all right.

‘Nevertheless, I am not leaving your side until I know you are all right,’ she whispered.

She wondered what will happen to him when he wakes up. Will he know about her? Will the police come and ask him questions? They might ask him about how he was able to walk from the building to the hospital. What if they realize it was her? That was impossible. Humans didn’t know she existed. Only the bad humans knew. They wanted to catch her and hurt her.


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