Wings – Chapter 4

She heard a woman’s cry. And so she walked towards the voice.

‘I can’t jump! Help!’

There were several offices along the hallway and the girl realized this was an office of some kind. The voice was coming from one of the offices.

The girl found a desperate woman standing before a small window. The woman held a dog in her arms and she was too busy shouting at the firemen coming to her rescue to notice the girl watching her. The smoke and fire made it impossible to see as well, but the girl…the girl saw everything. She even wanted to help the woman but then two firemen reached the window. One of them took hold of the dog and disappeared down the ladder. The other fireman helped the woman who was now hysterically crying. They then climbed down the ladder leaving the fire and the girl behind. But the girl was mesmerized by their bravery. They were taking risks, putting their lives in danger for others. They should have had her abilities. More people should have had that. Why did she have to be special?

Sirens and screams were heard outside. The girl looked down the window. There were police cars, ambulances and fire trucks everywhere. There were wounded people everywhere. She spotted the woman and her dog sitting in an ambulance as the paramedics were helping her. Firemen were running in all directions. Chaos everywhere!

‘All this because of a fire.’ she thought.

She walked through the building watching the destructive fire consume it all. Parts of the building started falling down. She had to avoid a rock here and there. Though she did not feel temperature nor did it harm her, giant rocks could, if she remained in her vulnerable human form. She could have transformed but what if someone saw her?

She found another window and looked down to see what was happening now. There were people jumping on a fluffy pillow. A bold man in his underwear just jumped. People came to his aid as soon as he reached the ground.

The building shook and glass broke. There was an explosion.

Three firemen exited the building. They were covered in ashes and they barely made it outside.

Another explosion took place.

People distanced themselves from the building.

Perhaps she should leave this building as well, she thought. But that part of her that wanted risks told her to stay calm, stay there, enjoy the view. Standing in the middle of a burning building, the girl decided to dance and run her way out. She hurried through the collapsing corridor, jumped from one side to the other avoiding rocks and then reached a floor with a giant crack in it, the rest of it had crashed on the level below.

She jumped over the crack to continue her path. But then, she stopped.

A man was on the level below, crushed under a pile of bricks. He wore a fireman suit.

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