Wings – Chapter 3

Chapter 1. Saved by the shadows


She noticed they were following her for some time now. They were too obvious in those big suits and broad shoulders.

As soon as she saw the subway sign, she hurried down the stairs. She hoped she could lose them in the crowd.

‘She’s heading the subway,’ said one of the agents surprised of the girl’s sudden move.

‘You think she’s on to us?’


‘Maybe? For sure! Now she’s running through the crowd, come on!’

She thought of taking the subway for a moment but then she realized it might be better to go through the passage, exit the subway, find an abandoned street and get rid of them there.

The two agents pushed their way through the crowd. If they lost track of the girl who knew what their boss will do to them.

The girl did as she planned and went through the passage, up the stairs and kept running until she reached an alley with a dead end.

It was around eight o’clock in the evening. The freezing November wind blew in her face as she stood still staring at the sky. She didn’t feel the cold temperature. They said it was because she was special. But, she didn’t want to be special. She didn’t want to be special anymore and live forever in fear.

She heard their footsteps. They were coming closer.

She kept staring at the dark, clear sky. It was such a beautiful night and such bright stars. She slowly stretched her arms as if she wanted to reach for the stars. Her eyes closed feeling the power within her. Her feet slowly rose from the ground. She felt as though the sky and the stars were getting closer, as though she was becoming one of the stars.

She flew. The wind was powerfully hitting her face, swimming through her hair. She was part of the sky, that’s where her home was, why couldn’t they understand that? Why couldn’t they let her free?

She landed on one of the high buildings close by. One of the reasons why she liked this city was because of the high constructions. They felt safe, away, distant and safe.

She watched the alley where she had stood no more than 1 minute ago. The two men were there, looking for her, their weapons drawn.

‘Where did she go?’ asked one of the agents.

‘Where do you think, stupid?’ said the other looking up. He didn’t expect her to fly just like that, in the middle of the city, of the crowded center and yet she did. ‘She could be anywhere now!’

‘Really?’ answered the other agent sarcastically. ‘I didn’t know you were that smart! Come on! We have to tell Dan. He’s going to kill us!’

She saw the agents leave. She grew scared. What if they will send a helicopter again? They knew her location and it was only a matter of time until they would find her just like they did all those other times.

No more flying tonight, she decided. She had to hide somewhere and stay there for the night. Yes, hiding was the best thing to do. No more flying tonight but…she needed to get off the high building.

Without hesitation the girl threw herself off the building. She flew once more but this time at even higher speed. She was going down so fast that she almost lost her balance. Instead of reaching for the bridge, she ended up on the roof of some old building.

‘I should stop flying recklessly!’ she said to herself though sometimes, especially when she was angry, she loved to take risks. She didn’t have much time to think about her behavior. Something was wrong with the building she had landed on. Smoke was rising up in the air.

The girl opened the roof door. Fire welcomed her. She entered anyway. Fire could not harm her. She could not feel the heat nor would her skin burn from it.

She walked inside the building surrounded by heavy smoke and merciless fire.

‘Help! Hurry! Help!’

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