Wings – Chapter 2

The baby’s loud cries startled everyone within the castle, including the king. ‘Where are the cries coming from? Whose baby is it?’ he asked his servants. No one knew.

The king ordered his men to search the castle. He wanted to know at once where the cries were coming from. And so his men searched the castle, all rooms, the kitchen, the servant rooms, the cellars, catacombs, the stables. The baby’s cries were not coming from there. The crying was coming from high above, up in the castle. The king realized his men had searched the entire castle, all rooms, all but one! His daughter’s locked chamber.

The king furiously reached his daughter’s room. The baby’s cries were louder here. The baby was inside the chamber!

‘Break down the doors!’ shouted the king. And his men did as ordered. They broke the lock, broke the door and when they entered…

The princess was on the balcony. The baby was in her arms, crying. The princess was…giving away her baby to a giant monster!

‘Attack!’ screamed the king. His men quickly drew their swords and those equipped with bows shot arrows. But it was too late. As soon as the monster held the baby in its arms, it flew away from the balcony avoiding all the arrows.

The princess remained in the chamber, alone, crying.

‘What have you done, daughter?’ shouted the king. The princess only cried though it was not out of regret. She kept looking at the balcony.

‘You have betrayed me!’ roared the king. ‘You have betrayed me and thus shall be punished!’

The princess continued to cry but she did not seem bothered by the king’s threats. She was crying for her baby. She was crying for the monster.

The monster was now far away from the castle flying with all its power and might holding the baby in its arms. They reached a forest and the monster flew towards a cave hidden deep into the wilderness.

The baby had stopped crying. Though a monster was holding him, he was not afraid. He just looked at the monster and smiled happily as though it was…The monster suddenly transformed from the hideous beast into a handsome man with dark blue skin. The baby looked normal but now and then his skin also changed color resembling the handsome man.

‘What have you done?’ a voice was heard. An old woman made her appearance at the cave entrance. ‘Who is that?’ she asked the man as she stared at the baby.

‘He is my son, mother!’ Answered the man.

‘It’s impossible!’ gasped the old woman. ‘It is human!’ She gaped at the man in disbelief.

‘Only half human,’ he responded. ‘His mother is in danger!’ The man gave the baby to the old woman. ‘Please take care of him!’ he said.

‘Where are you going?’ asked the woman as the man changed into the hideous monster once more.

‘I must rescue her!’ he said with a deep, twisted voice yet emotion was clearly sensed in his words.

‘They will kill you!’ said the old woman.

‘I belong with her!’ he said. ‘I belong with my love!’

Before she could say another word, the monster flew away without looking back.

The woman knew he would not come back. She looked at the baby in her arms, he was her grandchild. The baby smiled at her and giggled.

‘What am I to do with you?’ she asked him. ‘You’re neither us nor them!’ she complained. ‘Neither flying nor walking.’ But the baby was doing something strange. Something, the old woman did not expect. His skin color changed resembling his father’s and on his little back a small little wing appeared. The old woman smiled. ‘Or perhaps you are both, both races, stronger, better! You are the first of your kind, a new race. I shall call your race Wings. And you my son, are the first Wing!’

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