Wings – Chapter 1

Ancient books and scrolls revealed stories of monsters that haunted castles and frightened villagers pure for their own enjoyment. The monsters were never seen during the daylight but the damage they caused during darkness was severe…


785 BC. Shadow monsters terrorized the kingdom of Nouvre. The locals gathered every Thursday night to discuss new plans of keeping their people and the king’s castle safe. The king organized these gatherings together with his wife, sons and daughters. Everyone was present from blacksmith to baker, from priest to soothsayer, everyone…except for the king’s youngest daughter.

She never attended the gatherings and never showed her face beyond the walls of her chamber. Some said it was her own choice but others believed the king himself locked her away due to her unstable personality. She was indeed different than the rest. A “cursed girl” people called her.

She never agreed with anyone especially when it came to those monsters that haunted the kingdom at night. She was always defending them, trying to convince others that the monsters were harmless…Nobody sympathized with her, not even the king.

‘I try to convince my people that we need to take measures then my own daughter starts with her unbelievably insane ideas!’ he often used to say. Until one day she no longer left her chamber. It was for the best, according to the king.

The king’s daughter had an extraordinary large balcony decorated with colorful flowers and blooming roses. She cared for the flowers herself as no one ever entered her chamber. She received her food through a small slot in the locked door. No one ever talked to her, no one actually knew how she looked now as she had been isolated for years now. But, everyone knew she was still alive as she always took the food served and there was always a shadow roaming the chamber.

What nobody knew was that the king’s daughter had a secret. This secret manifested itself when no one was around. This always happened on Thursday night, exactly when everyone was present at the weekly gatherings.

Every Thursday night, when the castle was deserted, the king’s daughter stood on her balcony, looked up at the sky and stood there for hours, her long hair shining under the moonlight, the wind gently touched her red cheeks. Sometimes she would stretch her arm as if reaching for the stars. In some evenings she would wait and wait before anything happened. But it always happened. A shadow appeared in the balcony. A giant shadow in the shaped of a bull with enormous bat wings. It stood in the balcony. The girl was not afraid. She simply entered her room and the shadow followed.

Sometimes you could spot the shadow leaving her chamber. For a moment it wouldn’t look like a giant bull but as a human.

It was after a year when it all took a terrible turn.

It was a stormy night and the castle was suddenly shaken by the cries of…a baby.

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