They are coming

They will come. They will be here soon.

Your life will seem so pointless. Your miserable daily problems will seem so stupid.

You’ll realize the end is here.

When they come all that is known to you will perish. Every miserable object you’ve purchased will turn into ashes.

When they come, there will be fire and only fire.



Take your loved ones and run!

Don’t stay here and try to fight. Leave the real fight to those who can! Those who are prepared for what will come, who are used to the scent of the burning flesh that will pollute the air.

Run! Don´t try anything foolish, guns don´t kill them. Nothing that humankind has ever created can kill them.

The sky is turning red! They´re near.

If you think you´re seeing a flock of birds out there in the distance, you´re wrong! It´s them.

Listen to me and run!

Grab what food you have left and run as far as your legs can take you.

Don´t look back, don´t take the car, don´t take the plane. They will destroy it all.

Cover your ears! When they come your ears will bleed from their shrieks. Your eyeballs will burn from their sight! Run!



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