Bizarre dream

I had a bizarre dream once…well I’ve had quite a few along the years but this one I was never able to forget.

I was in the middle of chaos. War broke, the world was falling apart, buildings were burning to the ground, people were running for their lives, nature was turning into ashes. All of this was happening because of a Demon. A Demon had come to Earth and it was going to create an army of undead to destroy humanity once and for all.


I was saved by a few clerics and was taken to the only place that still held a spark of light on earth: a giant castle on top of a hill. Good people lived there and they offered me shelter and food.

That night, while in my room, I saw a bright light coming towards me then falling over me. A soft voice spoke to me. It said I should be strong and start training myself. I will soon be able to fight the army of undead that the Demon had created. I felt blessed and safe. Hope was there after all.


In the next weeks I trained, I learned all the things I needed to know in order to fight evil. I studied all of the Demon’s secrets and weaknesses. I grew strong, powerful, and confident. Before I knew it, I was ready to become a leader to humanity and face the Demon and his army of creatures.

The end of my dream finds me on a battle field. I was waiting to face the Demon, self assured and knowing that good was at my side.

But, I was alone.

Where was my army?

I saw my people… they weren’t at my side but they were a bit further, standing together, frightened and terrified. I didn’t understand why I was facing them instead of standing among them to lead them into battle. And, why were they looking at me so scared?

Suddenly the ground under me started shaking. Things rose from the ground, rotten, decomposing, dead creatures. But they did not attack me as I was looking at them completely frozen. They rose from the ground then they just stood there, all looking at me as if waiting for my orders.

I then realized it.

I was…their commander.

All this time…it wasn’t God who had spoken to me. It was the Demon himself.  He had tricked me into thinking that I was going to fight evil. I had been trained to destroy the Earth.

The army of the undead stared at me, their rotten bloody eyes watching me with…admiration. I looked at the army of humans looking at us. Fire rose around us all.

Then the dream ended.

I remember that morning waking up with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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