Gypsy magic

Of all the magic I have heard of in my entire life and, I have heard of quite a few, I must say that Gypsy magic is one of the arts that scare me the most.

Gypsies are of course famous for their abilities in future telling, palm reading, scrying etc. But they are mostly feared when it comes to curses. Their curses can be terrifying, horrible…deadly. You don’t believe me?

Here are three stories about the kind of curses a gypsy can set. Who told me about these stories? My very own grandmother.


  1. Mercury/quicksilver incantations.

Do you remember when your parents kept you away from thermometers when you were a child and if one broke there was panic? Well, it’s because as we all know mercury is highly poisonous. Imagine this: gypsies who control mercury.

My grandma and people in the country side call mercury the ‘living silver’. She told me that once when she was young she saw mercury marbles going down the road, in a certain direction. Gypsies could create spells ordering mercury to kill a target. The mercury follows the victim and unnoticed, penetrates the person’s footwear reaching the foot, poison taking hold of the body. By the time the victim realizes what happened…


  1. Cursed frog.

Yup, never underestimate a frog when it’s standing at your threshold, especially if this frog has a peculiar color. Gypsies can use frogs as bringers of diseases or misery. The Gypsy sends the frog to the victim. If the frog enters the house then the victim will be cursed with a horrid disease or a sudden disaster.


  1. Playing with fire.

One day when you’re least expected, you might just burst into flames. Yes, Gypsies are experts for playing with fire. In this case, they can start a fire without even using matches. Some people just burst into flames without even being near a fire. The reason? A gypsy cursed them, either out of personal gain or because someone paid them to do the deed.


Spooky stories or hidden truths?

You decide!

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