Stalera and the Diamond Witch – Chapter 5

She cleared her throat while approaching him.

‘I haven’t introduced myself properly. My name is Mirabella, the Queen of the Diamonds but I am about to become the most powerful Queen of all times! It is time for all the kingdoms in all the worlds to start listening to me. Finally, I am in control and I decide whether it’s dark or light, cold or warm, freezing or hot! I decide everything while you and your meaningless family will rot in a dungeon. Unfortunately, I can’t kill you as that would disturb the universe. So I can’t kill the Sun, the Moon and Tempera but I can use their power to do whatever I want. And now my darling, it is time for you to join your family and let the real leader take over.’

‘Witch!’ Stalera drew his sword.

He tried to strike her but she was faster. She hit him with a powerful rain storm, obviously a power stolen from his brother. He quickly parried and attacked again but she protected herself with ice and then she hit him with a sand storm.


Stalera was a powerful man but the witch was using his parents and his brother’s powers. She paralyzed him with a lightning bolt. Then she created a hole in the Sky Kingdom.

‘If you want to be stubborn, I will send you to Earth. There you will see how they treat stubborn boys. But, if you accept me as your Queen, I might let you join your family in the dungeon!’

‘Never, witch!’

Stalera noticed a medallion around the witch’s neck. It was made of diamonds and it was glowing. She said she was the Queen of the Diamonds. Perhaps the medallion was important to her?

‘Look down, Stalera!’ she said. ‘That is your new home! You are going there, my love. I am sending you far away, to die alone, desperate and scared among those who will never understand your nature!’

The witch pushed Stalera down the hole. But with one last effort, Stalera reached for the witch’s necklace and as he fell, he pulled down the necklace. The necklace broke, all the diamond stones falling down with Stalera which infuriated the witch.

‘You fool! I will destroy you for that! I will make you collect all the diamonds and put them back together! Your path is cursed wherever you go!’ she shouted as he was falling down.

Poor Stalera, not only was he sent to a world he did not know, the witch was going to make his life miserable. But, the question was, why did the witch care so much for the diamonds? And, was there a way to collect all the pieces? But how was Stalera ever going to find his way back home and save his family?


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