Stalera and the Diamond Witch – Chapter 4

Fear struck him for he realized the glow was gone. Indeed, all gone! This meant that his mother and father were in danger, worse, the Earth was in danger!

Stalera felt guilty and betrayed but he knew he had to trust Miera. But perhaps curiosity took over and she made a mistake? Or, maybe his parents wanted to show her how it all worked and something went wrong?

Tempera, he thought. Perhaps Tempera knows what is happening.

‘Tempera!’ shouted Stalera while he headed his brother’s room. But his brother’s room was also empty!

Where was everyone?

What was happening?

The night turned into day and then night again. How could that be? Who was doing this? His mother? His father?

Suddenly it was snowing, then it was raining while the sun was powerfully shinning. Who could explain all of this?

Confused and alone, Stalera left the castle to ask for help from his people. But the Stars were gone! So were the Clouds!


He felt alone, desperate and lost because he needed help but no one was there to guide him. No one. Though, when he came back to the castle, on the doorstep, someone was waiting for him.

‘Stalera, my love!’ she shouted.

‘Miera!’ He ran towards his wife, happy to see someone at last. ‘Thank the Skies you are unharmed.’

But Miera did not seem happy to see him.


He looked at her. Yes, she was his wife indeed but she was so different. For instance, her rainbow hair was now black and white while her cherry lips were now pale and icy. And her eyes had turned dark grey while her face…

‘Miera? What is happening?’

‘Nothing, love.’ Even her voice was cruel and cold.

‘Where are my parents?And where is Tempera?’

Miera laughed. It was a laughter that made the entire castle tremble.‘You pitiful little creature! Oh, how in love I am with you, Stalera! Oh, darling, kiss me then love me and hug me! Bah! But I must admit, I was very good at pretending. And, you fell for me like a… star!’ she laughed.

‘Who are you? Why are you doing this?’


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