Stalera and the Diamond Witch – Chapter 3

She smiled at him, her cheeks so sweet that even the roses stared at her.

‘All right,’ said Stalera, ‘you are part of the family now so you might as well know. They keep their glow in a box under their bed. They are not allowed to open it at the same time as the power of the two might blind the Earth Kingdom.’
‘How do they open the box?’

‘The box can be opened with the silver medallion that my mother wears and with the golden ring that my father wears.’

‘How sweet,’ she added as she smiled at him shyly.

‘Now, I believe I deserve a kiss,’ he answered as embraced his wife and kissed her so passionately that all the roses blushed.

Stalera had just told his wife a powerful secret. But she was his wife and she deserved to know, did she not?

Well, Stalera found out soon enough the consequences of his action.


One night Stalera heard screams. He realized his beloved wife was not in his chamber.

His worries grew stronger. He picked up his sword and ran to where the screaming came. Someone was in danger, he thought.

He realized the screams were coming from upstairs, where his parents slept! And so, he hurried up the stairs as the screaming continued.

He reached the bedroom of his parents and he found the door locked.

He could not enter so he broke the door.

No one was there!

‘Mother? Father? Miera?’ Stalera shouted.

He walked with caution in the bedroom, danger could be hiding in any corner. But, he continued calling out their names.

The bedroom was just as beautiful as it has always been. The furniture and walls were golden and glittering just as his father liked it while the floor was dark blue with shining stars representing his mother’s favorite place.

But wait…something was wrong.

He looked beside the silk bed. The box!

The box was open and empty!

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