Stalera and the Diamond Witch – Chapter 2

Before him stood a beautiful girl. And, what a girl! Her hair was long and colorful as the rainbow, her eyes were green as a freshly grown clover and her lips were as red as a cherry.

‘May I help you?’ she asked while her voice was like a melody.

‘I..I…’ Our young man was lost in words because he had never seen such beauty. And to make it even more complicated, he had never thought of what words to say if he had ever seen one.

‘I am lost,’ he finally said.

‘That’s all right. Luckily you found me. Please, come inside, tell me about your home and I will guide you back.’

Once inside the house, Stalera refused to leave without the girl by his side.

And so, in only one month Stalera married the beautiful girl, named Miera.

The wedding was breathtaking. His parents made their appearance at the same time. After that, his brother was awake for seven months while the Clouds danced and sang, the Stars shone as powerfully as they could and last but not least, the Earth Kingdom was amazed and happy to see such an event take place.

They lived happily for many months.

Until one day…

Stalera was watching Miera pluck some roses in the garden of the Dawn. Then, she looked at him.

‘You love me, don’t you?’ she asked.

‘Yes, I love you with all my heart.’

‘You would do anything for me?’


‘You would tell me anything?’

‘Anything, my love!’

‘Where do your parents keep their glow?’

‘Why do you want to know such a thing?’ he asked.

‘I have always wondered how they do it. For instance, how can the Sun be so bright all the time while the Moon can be so dark and mysterious?’

‘It’s their secret, I must say,’ added Stalera. He knew of course where his parents kept their magical glow. But, he also knew how much his parents counted on his trust to never tell anyone about their wonders.

‘But you said you’d tell me everything,’ said Miera almost crying.

‘I did, didn’t I?’

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