Stalera and the Diamond Witch – Chapter 1

We all stare at the sky sometimes. Don’t you? I am sure you do. Especially at night, when the stars are shining bright and the moon keeps you company. Don’t you wonder how it is up there? Wouldn’t you like to fly up and see it all for yourself?

Science taught us great things about the planets, the stars and the moon. But, what if I tell you that somewhere, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, thousands and thousands of worlds away, there was a kingdom where things were quite different?


Our story starts in the Sky Kingdom. You see, it was very simple back then. There was a Sky Kingdom and an Earth Kingdom. The Earth Kingdom was similar to our world but the Sky Kingdom…that was another story. Because, up there in the sky there was a world made of stars and clouds. There was a castle made of crystals and the Sky Family lived there. Who were they? Well, they were very important. How could they not be? There was no sunshine, rain, thunder or snow without them. Basically, they controlled it all but most of all, they protected it.


The Sky Family wasn’t big. The mother was the Moon. She was the most beautiful queen you have ever seen. She always wore a long light blue dress made of silk matching her dark blue eyes and her glittering black long hair. Her husband, the Sun, was a handsome man with golden eyes, broad bronze shoulders and blinding blond hair. They looked wonderful together and they loved each other very much. And, they made a promise to the Earth Kingdom that they would not show themselves at the same time.

And so the Sun and the Moon appeared separately every 12 hours so that the Earth Kingdom could have light and darkness. It is true that the Sun and the Moon did not see each other much because they were working very hard to keep the light and darkness constant but, there were special occasions when they did.

The Suns and the Moon had two beautiful sons, Tempera and Stalera.

The oldest son, Tempera, was a very strange boy. Even his appearance was odd. He had one blue eye and one gold eye, his hair was blond with dark blue locks through it. When he was awake he was warm and glowing but when asleep he was cold and sometimes even frosty. Probably because he had a strange sleeping pattern but I will explain to you here:

3 months he slept continuously, 3 months he was half asleep, 3 months he stayed awake without sleeping at all and 3 months he was half asleep again.

Isn’t it complicated?

But despite this strange habit, the Earth Kingdom loved him and they grew accustomed to his moods. So, the Earth people knew they might experience extreme cold and hot temperatures and sometimes a mix of the two, but they didn’t mind.

The youngest son, Stalera was such a beautiful man. His dark blue eyes always shone. Moreover, he was the leader of the Stars and he controlled the Clouds.

The Sky Family lived happily in the crystal castle and for many years that did not change. And at the same time, the Earth Kingdom was living in harmony as they received light, darkness, sun, rain and all they needed from the Sky Family.

But, all of that was about to change.

One day, Stalera, hunting a snow deer, was lost in the woods of the Falling Stars. He walked for many hours wondering how he will find his way back home…until he came across a small cottage. It was magical. The cottage was colorful as a rainbow, surrounded by beautiful creatures and singing birds.

Stalera knocked on the door.

The door opened…and Stalera’s eyes shone.

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