Stubborn Murder – Chapter 5

He carefully opened the envelope and unfolded the letter. Then his eyes traced the handwriting. That only made me wonder just how much he was familiar with the King.

I sat there watching his eyes fixed on every word, every sentence and on every page of that letter.

‘Did you do it?’ he finally asked while still holding the letter in his hand.

I was not sure what the King had written but I knew the detective was referring to that terrible night.

‘I don’t know,’ I responded hiding my frustration.

‘You don’t look like you could…’ he said vaguely, ‘at least not with that body.’

The King had not told me about the content of the letter. So, had he mentioned my nature? If he had, then why wasn’t the detective shocked about it?

Mr Grumps dropped the letter on his desk and lit yet another cigarette.

‘I don’t have time for this shit! I have so many cases, I…’ He looked at me and stopped. ‘How can they suspect you? You’re merely a…what happened that night,’ he narrowed his eyes. His reaction confused me. So, did the King mention my nature or not?

‘Do you have any cash?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I have some.’

‘Then you should go at a hotel.’


Was he insane? How can he send me to a hotel considering the circumstances? Or did he want me dead?

‘Frankly I’m not sure how I can help!’

I bit my lip. Now, I was curious about the information the King had given him. ‘May I take a look at the letter?’


‘Why not?

‘Because it specifically says that you may not.’

‘The King mentions that?’ I grew frustrated. ‘Why, why would he…’

‘Stay at the Candlelight Hotel,’ he said. ‘It will be safe there.’

‘So, will you help me or not?’ I asked.

He didn’t answer.

‘I don’t know what the King mentioned in that letter but perhaps you don’t know all the facts and I need to…’

‘I have all the facts…’ he said while he watched me. ‘I understand.’

His answer startled me.

‘Go to the hotel and I will meet you there later.’

What other choice did I have? I ended up nodding. ‘Thank you!’

‘Don’t thank me just yet.’

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