Stubborn Murder – Chapter 4


I stood there facing a closed door. So, this was the man who was going to help me? This was the man who would understand what I was going through? Perhaps the King was wrong? How could this idiot be my only hope?

One thing was clear, I couldn’t give up now.

I sighed and knocked on the door. But of course, no answer. What a typical jerk! Even so, I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. He was sitting at his desk, tie and shirt stained but he seemed to have forgotten about it. He was looking at some folders while writing down some notes. Mr Grumps…he did have a very grumpy look about him. His eyes were fully concentrated, frowning at every word he wrote. And not to mention his desk, it was a complete mess, all covered in papers, pictures while a cloud of cigarette smoke surrounded it all.


‘If you want to apologize, get me a new coffee, black!’ he barked.

I said nothing. Instead, I approached his desk, took out the King’s letter and placed it on the corner of his desk. He threw a glance at it then continued with his work.

‘Is that an apology letter?’

I didn’t react.

He looked at me. Sighing, he grabbed the envelope and studied it. He stopped, staring at the King’s wax seal. Then he slowly ran his thump over it. Did they know each other well? The King had said nothing about their relationship.

‘Are you going to stand there while I read it?’ he snapped.

‘I have nowhere else to go,’ I reacted.

He lifted his head up and looked at me. He must have been…around 40, his hair was brown, messy, his eyes were dark brown, his eyebrows thick and messy as well…and he looked tired.

‘I have a chair.’ He blinked then looked at the two chairs before him. ‘You could…sit your ass on one of them…and you can even choose on which one you want to sit’ he mocked.

I sat on one of the chairs feeling like one of his…clients…did he even have any? It took a moment until he pulled his irritated gaze off of me and returned to the letter.

‘I need a smoke for this,’ he barked as though he knew the content of the letter was important. The half burned cigarette in the ashtray was no longer sufficient. He put it out in the pile of other 30 cigarettes and lit a new cigarette.

This was going to be a long day.

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