Stubborn murder – Chapter 3

I waited for an hour but Mr. Drums did not leave his apartment. And, I had the feeling he wasn’t planning on leaving too soon. I considered slipping the envelope from King under his door but it was too risky. I had to be there when he’d read the letter.

‘Excuse me, madam?’

I turned around and faced a strange looking old man with one white eye. He smiled at me and that made him look even scarier.

I moved out of the way to let the man pass. He slowly passed me by. That’s when I heard the door open.

I turned around and…

‘Damn it!’ someone shouted.

I turned around and…Mr. Drums…was looking at the floor holding a cup of coffee, half its content now spilled on the floor and on his shirt and tie.

‘Watch where you’re heading, idiot!’ he barked at me. He saw the old man looking at us.

‘Great, one white eyed freak OUT and one daydreaming idiot IN.’ He growled more, then passed me by.

I watched him surprised. He was not heading the elevator. Instead, he was heading the other end of the hallway, the same way the white eyed man was going.


I followed confused.

At the end of the hallway just around the corner…his office.

I walked quickly and caught up with Mr. Drums.

‘I had no idea your office was just a few steps away from your apartment!’

‘Are you just gonna stand there like an idiot and block this way too?’ he roared.

I moved aside.

He unlocked the office door.

‘Are you sure you’re Mr. Drums?’ I didn’t want to know the answer.

‘No, I’m the freaking tooth fairy!’

He entered the room, slammed the door in my face and pulled the blinds down.


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