Cursed ever after – Chapter 5

I did my best not to look at him. Meanwhile the necklace broke into my skin and I felt the warm blood gushing underneath my clothes. I wore a black turtle neck sweater and a leather jacket over it but it was only a matter of time until the blood would soak it all.

My hands formed fists and the blood moon seemed to whisper to me, urge me to kill the vampire before me.

It only got worse when he approached. Because of his action, I wanted to break the necklace and let myself turn.

‘Hey, are you ok?’

I nodded, a part of me trying to keep him away but what I really wanted was to break his face and pull his heart out. Strangely, he stopped approaching me as if something told him to. Did he sense danger?

The moon kept pushing me to kill, to attack, its light hissing on my skin like acid, though in reality nothing was happening.

The blood kept gushing down my body and quickly spread until it reached my boots. But Christian’s attention was drawn to someone talking to him from the bar. I forced myself to put one hand on the doorknob. But that was all I could do. I couldn’t move it any further. Worse, my hand was all covered in blood, my own warm and thick blood.


I needed the power to get out. I was almost there. That is when I looked at Christian, though my entire body was trembling and my sight was weakened by the loss of too much blood. If I watch his face perhaps my anger will cease. Please let me get out of this place and leave him be. Imagine Gabriel, remember Gabriel!

‘What’s happening?’ someone said as he was approaching Christian. I wanted to shout to them,  make them run, leave. But all I could do is stare at them.

Push the damned door, I screamed inside. Yet I could not move.

‘Is she…’

‘I don’t know what she…’

The man now standing at Christian’s side was watching me. He wanted to approach me but Christian stopped him. I looked at the man’s face. His face was familiar. And what made it strange was that I thought he was a vampire but I had no urge to kill him. He was not the boy I had seen at the pool table. I had no idea where he had come from but he was…

I recognized his face. Suddenly I have the power to push the doorknob and exist the pub. They kept staring at me as I hurried outside, my boots sliding on the trail of blood I left behind. Dizziness and numbness took over. If I were human I’d be close to death but I wasn’t.

When they exited the pub I was hiding on the rooftop. Both of them were there looking in all directions.

‘Who was she?’ asked Christian.

‘I thought you knew her!’ responded the other.

‘She…she seemed familiar but…’

‘Well, brother, that’s the weird part. She seemed familiar to me too.’

I stood there on the rooftop watching Christian and his brother. I have forgotten his name but I haven’t forgotten that I saved him 150 years ago. If I haven’t turned him into a vampire, what in the name of Dracula has he become?


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