Cursed ever after – Chapter 4

It will not go like last time. That’s what I told Rodney. And I prayed it won’t, because last time…was a complete disaster.

They called him Christian but I did not care much for that name. To me he was and will always be Gabriel. He wore Gabriel’s face. He had Gabriel’s features. And faith had brought Christian and me in this city at the same time. An insignificant city but to me this city was very important. This city was a village 500 years ago and it was in this village where I had met and later buried my beloved Gabriel. Every year since I lost him I came to this cursed place and visited his grave. A place no one knew about. It was not in a graveyard…it was hidden in the forest nearby.


So was it a mere coincidence that Christian visited this city at the same time I did? Did he not know that a man with his exact features had lived and died here? Did he perhaps know I was here?

The last time I saw Christian was two days ago, around midnight. I was coming back from Gabriel’s grave when I saw Christian walking down the street entering a pub. He looked exactly the same as 150 years ago though fashion changed his clothing and hairstyle.

To my stupidity I just followed him.

I entered the pub. I was overwhelmed by how crowded it was but I calmly found a seat in a corner, on a torn up leather couch from where I could watch him.

He was sitting at the bar wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of dark jeans. He ordered a drink while whispering to a girl sitting next to him. She chuckled. I heard what he told her though it was hard to concentrate with all the buzzing.

The crowd irritated me. The noise, the people. Usually I could concentrate better. I did my best to watch Christian but I couldn’t. I quickly became irritated. It surprised me especially because I was sitting at a safe distance from him.

I became aware of the surroundings. Not six meters away from me, a group of teenagers were playing pool. They were making me mad. It was only then I realized that one of them was a vampire. I had entered the pub without checking if it was safe. My obsession for Christian had made me ignore everything else.

My heart was pumping fast. I was breathing hard…I needed air. My head hurt and all I could think of was spilling vampire blood. I was wearing the necklace device and I could feel the pressure on my skin as I was turning. I had to get out!

Quickly walking towards the exit I reached the doors. I stared at the outside horror. Once again, my obsession got in the way and forgot to make me take notice of the red moon outside…red like blood.


The doors were before me. I needed to exit. Why was I not leaving? Why was I paralyzed with anger and hatred? I had two choices: open the door and leave or…stay and kill the vampires within the p  ub which would eventually lead me to killing everyone in the pub. My anger would not cease after two killings, I was sure of it.

Kill all or leave all?

‘Hey, have we met before?’

I was trembling. The urge to kill was beyond control, especially because the man addressing me was…Christian…

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