Cursed ever after – Chapter 2

My heart stopped, my mind blocked. I could not approach him anymore. I climbed down and ran, the image of him feeding on the girl stuck in my head.

My heart had blinded my eyes! I had not even stopped and looked at the way he truly was. His perfect features, the way he moved, and the way he looked! I should have known. It was stupid to not stop and think of how inhuman he was. The memories made him look so divine to me. I should have realized the woman at his side was just another one of his victims; that his brother and his parents had no idea what was happening.

A vampire!

What a twisted happening it was but that was not all.

I thought he was human and I was planning to speak to him. That was impossible now.
Beside my pitiful life, I had another curse. I have been cursed so many times over the years but this one particular curse decided to stay with me. Although I am half vampire whenever I meet a vampire…the urge to kill it is intoxicating. I always tried to avoid vampires in my journeys and the ones I could not avoid, died. Never have I met a vampire I did not want to kill. The curse brought out my lycanthropic nature. I hated vampires. My parents were killed by vampires and by vampires only. My father, the werewolf, was not good enough for their royal blood. Perhaps love affairs between vampires and werewolves, the rich and the poor, always end up in a tragedy. Not that my situation was any better.

I decided to keep my distance from the man, the vampire I so desperately loved. I kept my distance from the ones around him as well. Instead, I followed him everywhere, hoping that he might show me there was something good in him.

I watched his life and the ones around him. The woman he kept at his side was completely manipulated by him. He was cruel, different from the man I lost and loved. Yet, his perfect features forced me to stay around. His brother was different. He was sweet and seemed a goodhearted man. Perhaps the vampire had been good once until he turned into a monster. But who turned him? And why did he become like this? He did not seem very concerned that his family might discover him. He lived among them and continued to do so though his ignorance did not once seize to let him realize he was putting them in danger.

One night he drank blood from a maid. He was reckless, cruel and I fought with myself not to kill him. But I was not the only one who saw him. A few locals spotted him and ran away before he could see them. I did not intervene.

Only tragedy followed from that moment on. I always blamed myself for it even though I was merely a spectator.

The locals rebelled against the vampire and his family. They set the house on fire. As I expected, the vampire fled leaving his family burn in agony. Though not his entire family died…for this I do take the full blame…his brother….he was able to exit the house though he was badly wounded. I did not want him to die so I…did what I could to save him. I turned him and I left him in the forest.

A few moments later the vampire approached him. He sensed his brother had been turned, looked around but could not see me. He carried his brother and disappeared in the darkness.

I wanted to follow them but I couldn’t. I knew I would probably kill the vampire and I did not want to cope with that. As for his brother, I had turned his brother into hopefully a vampire but I was not sure…yet another strange part of my nature. But I hoped that someday I would be able to approach them both…

They say if you love someone you have to let them go…I did but a few weeks ago faith brought him my way once more. I decided I have to face him once and for all.

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